[Random fun] Learning Ableton Live

Constructed from 4 randomly found samples.


[audio https://inmyears.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/ballpark.mp3]



Hest 220510 [150111 interference mix]

remix of Hest.

Check them out:


[Circuit Bending] Stylophone

Circuit Bent Stylophone. Headphone output works but the bends actually sounds better from the build in speaker.

Recorded with a MKH Sennheiser 416, camera Lumix LX-3, synced in Pro Tools and then a quick edit in iMovie. Loads of fun!

Favorite bend @ 1.31

[Binaural] Car Ride

Binaural recording of me driving my battered Citroen Saxo in a sunny London…

Please use headphones for binaural effect.

1. Jumping in, starting, driving off..squeaky drivers seat.

2. Ride in traffic, opening sunroof and window.

3. Ride in traffic, ambulance and police car passing.

[Electroacoustic] Formations

Improvised performance

[Binaural] London Underground

Westbound Hammersmith & City Line from King’s Cross.
Please use headphones & mind the gap.

[Binaural] New binaural mics

Unfortunately my beloved Soundprofessionals SP-TFB-2 binaural mics have started to malfunction together with my Tascam DR100. For some reason I am getting an extreme amount of hiss and the funny thing is that both recorder and the mics are working fine on their own with other equipment! But just not together anymore, can anyone solve the mystery? The binaural mics sounding great when connected to my Mbox2 and Tascam DR100 XLR preamps sounds great with other mics! Very strange I say! Recorder has even been off to Germany for a health check and came back fine…

Anyhow, to avoid silly VAT charges when ordering from the states and also out of pure curiosity I decided to buy and try the Soundman OKM II binaural microphones . Instead of being fitted with two XLRs they use a 3.5 mm connection but my package came with the A3 DC powering adapter for use with recorders that do not have a 3.5 mm mic in with plug in power (like on my DR100, doh!). Since I am bringing it down to line level using the adapter and line in on the DR100 I am not getting as high levels as I would have if I connected the microphones directly to a powered mic input. So the noise floor was a big concern for me. However, I am very pleasant surprised of the result of my first test!

This is a recording in a very very tine little park near Arsenal Stadium called Gillespie Park Local Nature Reserve. I had very low  readings on my meters on the DR100 and have afterwards boosted the recording +21 dB (!). Sounds pretty damn clean to me!