[Binaural] Car Ride

Binaural recording of me driving my battered Citroen Saxo in a sunny London…

Please use headphones for binaural effect.

1. Jumping in, starting, driving off..squeaky drivers seat.

2. Ride in traffic, opening sunroof and window.

3. Ride in traffic, ambulance and police car passing.

    • Richard
    • April 22nd, 2010

    nice capture of sound Peter.. it’s not easy to capture sound that has such a high dynamic range (ambulance and police car sirens)
    ..I thought that was pretty realistic, well done m8.

    can I just say … and please dont think Im criticising here ..but I noticed at 0:19 you have the same problem that I have ..Im referring to the sudden plosive of sound that is created when the door is shut.. the only way Ive found to deal with this is by pulling the record level down.. of course this makes for a lighter recording..
    my digital recorder level runs from 0 to 30,
    Ive spent some time recording (binaurally) the sound of a door closing at different record level ..the level that works is round about 5-6 on this scale!!

    anyhow thanks for the upload, I’ll look forward to the next 🙂

    • Hi Richard, glad you like the recording and thanks for the feedback!

      The car door is a bit loud and sudden but hey, thats how it is in real life! Didn’t want to ruin the dynamics with a compressor or the auto limiter on my recorder..and if I had pulled down the overall level the signal to noise ratio would have been just to low… however I admit it can be a bit unpleasant listening to a recording going from -43 to -7.6 dBFS that sudden! I will close it more carefully next time!! 😉

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