[Sound Design] Slinky + Electric Guitar = Laser gun!

Ok, this is quite a simple test with me hitting a slinky attached to my cheap electric guitar.  Got some vintage style laser gun-ish sounds out from it, will mount the slinky on a metal plate and attach a contact microphone on that as next step, the result will hopefully turn out a bit better. Until then enjoy the first springy laser guns!

Sample 1: Bright

Sample 2: Dark

Guitar & Slinky 1 Guitar & Slinky 2


[Electromagnetic] Hello, I’m a Mac.

Recording of electromagnetic fields from my iMac & iPhone

[Field recording] Tornväktaren, S:ta Maria Kyrkan (Tower Watchman St Marys Church) Ystad

My last recording before I leave my hometown Ystad. 

Everynight 365 days a year from 9.15 pm to 1 am the tower watchman in St Marys Church blows his horn every 15 minutes to signal that everything is calm in the city (i.e. “nothing to worry about, continue sleeping”). It is a tradition from the 17th century and yes, it is a real person sitting up there in the tower blowing a huge horn!

The church itself has been founded  around year 1200. It was destroyed by a storm and rebuilt in the middle of 17th century.  

Recorded at 1 am, just outside the curch.



Picture from www.ystad.se where you also can find more info.

[Hydrophone] Waves against pier

I found a great hydrophone on Ebay and this is the first time I have tested it out in the field. Recorded from a small pier in Ystad, Östersjön (Baltic Sea).

[Binaural] Waves tumbling

Recorded this yesterday with my friend Lars on the beach in my hometown Ystad, Sweden. Holiday!!

Remember to listen with headphones!

Google map with photos


[Binaural] Gatwick Airport

Had to catch an early flight to Copenhagen from Gatwick Airport.

Airports are funny places, people walking around in their summer clothes shopping alcohol, parfume and clothes at 7 in the morning! Time stands still in airports still people are constantly looking at their watches!

[Binaural] Laughing kids at Colchester Zoo

Can’t remember what animal they are all laughing at, think it’s a funny looking small monkey.

Colchester Zoo is a great place by the way, it’s huge!