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[Binaural] Car Ride

Binaural recording of me driving my battered Citroen Saxo in a sunny London…

Please use headphones for binaural effect.

1. Jumping in, starting, driving off..squeaky drivers seat.

2. Ride in traffic, opening sunroof and window.

3. Ride in traffic, ambulance and police car passing.


[Binaural] Waves tumbling

Recorded this yesterday with my friend Lars on the beach in my hometown Ystad, Sweden. Holiday!!

Remember to listen with headphones!

Google map with photos

[Binaural] Laughing kids at Colchester Zoo

Can’t remember what animal they are all laughing at, think it’s a funny looking small monkey.

Colchester Zoo is a great place by the way, it’s huge!

[Binaural] Funland Arcade

Went past the Trocadero house at Picadilly Circus the other day and popped in to the Funland arcade for some recording. The soundscape in there is pretty enjoy!

Remember to put your headphones on!

[Binaural] Grocery Shopping

Exactly what is says on the tin!

Use headphones and close your eyes!

[Binaural] Traffic on Holloway Road

A walk down Holloway road on a pretty quiet Saturday afternoon.

Use headphones and close your eyes!

[Binaural] Lawn mower

My first binaural recording made in my garden.